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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Why it is important to understand - What not to do

Over the years, I have witnessed and experienced that almost everyone advise or suggest that “how you should do this”, “how you can achieve this”, “how you work”, etc.  Occasionally, I have come across only few articles or blog advising “what you should refrain”, “why it should not done” etc.

Every individual is born with equal amount of capabilities no less, no more.  Some are born in educated, wealthy families and some are in poor and illiterates families.  But individualistic strength and capacities are always equal.

But only few make most of the life professionally, personally and spiritually.  Others are destined to suffer and never come out as true winner or rather lose the true essence of life. 

True meaning of success is not dependent on external factors. It is purely an internal fire to align the once strength with concentrated force and sharp focus and is absolutely behavioral.  It is the attitude of individuals, which decides the scale of true success.

I have personally derived a word “HEGAL”, which is a reminder for me that to be true successful in every facet of life, I must stay away from few things as described below.

H – HASTE: A deadly enemy of truly successful person. An impatient person only makes mistakes and more mistakes.  His or her desire to achieve everything in one day leads to sudden death of every aspiration and kills dream before those can even take off. Always remember the story of Rabbit and Tortoise, a very simple yet extremely message oriented.

E – EGO:  Perception of superiority is a great detrimental to align to work as true team member.  When an individual with egoistic approach becomes a leader, he does only one thing to other. He hurt them more and more and invites hatred in return.

G – GREED:  I should have as much as I can have. Whether others get it or not, this is none of my concern.  This is a deadly virus. Once bitten then it only leads to complete disaster. Stock markets are the great example of this.

A – ARROGANCE:  No one is better than me. This is absolutely not possible. There is very famous dialogue in one of Bollywood Hindi Film. It states that “Every dog has a father”.   This world is full of highly talented people so respect everyone’s capabilities and feel honored to be gifted with your capabilities.

L – LUST:  Though dictionary defines it as “strong sexual desire”. But for me, it is addiction or craving.  Addiction in any form is bad. Even addiction for success is bad as it has to potential to make you the slave of success by any means be it ethical or unethical.

In my opinion, success is not defined by that how much money I have, how big is my company or how luxurious is my life style. It is pure internal conviction and doing things in right way.

Businesses are made to support the society but not to rule. Money is made for convenience of people for trade but not to hold or store by hijacking other shares.

Let’s grow with right spirit and ethical functioning.   

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Advertising and Marketing : A marriage between Art and Science

In today’s dynamic scenario, where geographical distances have lost their significance and all of us mutually connected in the new world, a virtual world, known as cyber space. No one lives in this space physically but our collective mind does.  It has become irrelevant to see and touch the individuals in this world. But to feel and know people, one just needs to create a thread in this fictitious yet so real world.  Every one of us has two identities now. One belongs to real world and another to virtual.

To market a product in such a complex environment, it becomes important to understand behavioral aspect of potential consumers in both the world.

An artistic approach towards marketing a product may get good reviews and appreciation for the product but may not really turn the tide in regard to selling.

We must understand that marketing a product must have the certain statistical analysis, if it has to succeed and meet target objective in both the world.

Before designing the marketing strategy, certain parameters have to be taken into account without fail.
  1. Demographics  ( the statistical characteristics of human populations as age or income) 
  2. Culture and Beliefs
  3. General Habits of the people
  4. Environmental Condition (No one will buy Ice Cream in Antarctica, if there is population)
Based on above study, your creative needs to be executed with right blend of the art, clearly reflecting their culture in music, language, poetry and emotions.  It should also be considered that why it has to work on internet and why in newspaper, in TV or Radio.

Based on this, strategies needs to be put in place and put into practice to cater both the worlds.
No one can predict the marketing effort precisely in terms of ROI but probable outcomes can certainly be forecasted.

If you know the people, whom you are going to sale then it will sale without fail. 

Why every organization need a CSR film?

In our society, businesses are often looked from capitalist point of view, wherein commercial institutions are making profits by selling some products or services. It is evident that these institutions are using natural resources like water, minerals, trees, energy, vegetation etc. to manufacture products. These products are then packaged nicely and sold in the market at the higher prices to maximize the profits. The unfathomable appetite to earn the huge profits by these institutions had been point of debate for centuries. It is true that these institutions had created the employment for people and unknowingly supported the social cause. But they had been reluctant to do more. For example, if they are cutting trees to produce then must also plant new trees in higher ratio. If they are taking water from rivers or lakes then must invest or make an arrangement for rain harvesting. If they are taking educated people to increase the efficiency of production then should promote education by opening new schools or colleges, supporting NGOs etc.
I have personally seen the classical case of apathy of these institutions in Daman and Diu beach, where highly contaminated effluent from nearby chemical factories used to be released into Arabian sea and created environmental threat. If you stand in the this polluted water for few minutes, you would start experiencing itching and irritation on your skin. It is certainly man made disaster for humanity.
However, there have been changes in the attitude of big and respectable organizations since last decade. They are making conscious and consistent efforts to change the perspective of masses. They are trying to make right balance between capitalist and socialist approach by earning the profit but also serving the society simultaneously.
But there is still a need to show the world and to break this centuries old perception, they need to give proof to the people that they have really changed and for good this time.
A CSR film focusing primarily on the social and environmental cause, they are contributing to, would be an ideal start.
Needless to say, this film can be shared on multiple platforms for the people to watch. It can be played in trade shows, public gatherings, social media and at various other places.
In my opinion, no company sell product or service but the credibility with message that we care. Show the world that you indeed care and you mean every bit of your words no matter what.