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Monday, 2 November 2015

Creating a Brand Through Advertising

With thousands of firms — and hundreds of thousands of people — all competing for the same pool of clients and prospects, differentiation is one of the most important ways to gain recognition and build brand awareness. Communicating your firm’s unique characteristics, expertise, strengths and successes to a large number of prospects can be achieved through advertising.
Advertising is not about selling the skill of your firm, but about promoting the qualities that differentiate your firm from so many others. Differentiation is your brand, and advertising is about positioning that brand by promoting and communicating your firm’s differentiators to a targeted mass audience.
For a mid-sized firm to be successful, it needs an effective marketing and sales initiative. Without marketing, public relations and a strong business development strategy, few clients or prospects would know about the firm and why it is unique, resulting in fewer opportunities for new business. Advertising is just one tool in a successful marketing and business development program that can help create new opportunities.
The goal of advertising is to focus attention on what sets your firm apart from others. Branding, through repeated, frequent advertising, is the most effective way to accomplish that goal. Advertising means generating opportunities, and good advertising is generating thousands of potential opportunities every day.
The only way to be heard is to speak, and the only way to be remembered is to repeat over and over a very simple, compelling, single-minded message. Consider that the public is faced with roughly 700 ads and brands per day. To stand out, you must not merely speak, but yell, breaking through the clutter and getting the attention of the prospect with the use of strong creative and a quick, easy-to-retain message.
Repetition and frequency are key components of a successful advertising initiative. Once you establish your brand message, you must drive that message into the minds of clients, prospects, and even staff members. The most effective and efficient way to do so is through frequent, repeated advertising in the same publications or airwaves reaching the same industry or targeted audience.
Advertising is movement and growth. Advertising breathes life into a firm, carrying it to new areas, new markets, and new industries. A firm that keeps moving grows and thrives, while dormant ones tend to stagnate.

Advertising stimulates conversation about a firm, among clients, potential clients and competing firms. When a prospective or existing client tells a member of your firm, "I saw your firm's ad today," you have just been handed an opportunity to build a relationship. Relationship building is vital, as success in the service industry is based on strong relationships.

Advertising can eliminate branding confusion, which causes an identity crisis both within and without your firm. Properly positioning the brand through advertising will communicate to everyone what your firm is about, removing all assumptions.

One final thing to remember – and a very important point – is that branding isn’t a one-time thing that you do at the beginning of establishing your business. It is an ongoing effort that permeates your processes, your culture, and your development as a business, and it requires your dedication and loyalty in order to reflect in your work. At the end of the day, the true measure of your branding success is in earning loyal customers who become your brand ambassadors as well.